Magen Am is a non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of essential armed security teams within the Jewish community, comprised of licensed and trained community members whose purpose is to protect the lives of other Jews. Our mission is to train and empower the community to secure itself  from within.

About Magen Am

Magen Am USA, Inc (Hebrew for “Nations Shield”) is a registered 501©3, non-profit organization assisting in securing our community by providing prudent and responsible security measures, training, and sustainable solutions. We understand that in order to create a secure community, more is required than simply inputting ‘outside hired guards’ as a Band-Aid, or by training citizens in defense strategies. Magen Am dedicates its efforts in engagement of the following three arms of services: Community Team Members Program, Veterans Team Program, and community advocacy & education. This multi-operational approach gives us a holistic and sustainable security solution.

Our Programs

Veterans Team Members (VTM)

Our Veterans Team is comprised of US and IDF military veterans. All have dedicated their lives to the protection of Jews, and continue that mission as guards in our local communities at shuls, schools, and private events. Our VTMs staff our armed response and patrol vehicles, and work private events for members of the community.

Community Team Members (CTM)

Our Community Team is comprised of members from their young 20’s to those in their 60’s, representing congregations in Pico-Robertson, Hancock Park/La Brea, and the Valley. They are rabbis, lawyers, businessmen, marketing executives, contractors, and website developers, who dedicate hours every week to provide protection for their shuls

Shooting range

Community Training and Educational Programs

As part of our community advocacy and education, Magen Am provides public firearms training classes, and is working on sponsorship to be able to offer free self-defense classes.

Active Members
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Recent Events

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    The LA Jewish Community is Thanking Local Police and Increasing Community Safety”

Commander Davalos of LAPD addresses the graduating class.