Magen Am USA inc (Hebrew for “Nation’s Shield”), is a licensed security organization whose mission statement is “To Train and Empower the community to Secure itself from within.” We are licensed through the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) as a Private Patrol Operator (PPO #120715).

Our training program covers sections on Security Theory including: psychology and physiology of combat stress, “Left of Bang”, body language, verbal judo, deescalation, types of violence, security screening and questioning, vulnerability assessments/target hardening. We also dedicate a large amount of time towards the Legal Use of Force including: force continuum, less-lethal, combatives, firearms, etc. Our firearms training is conducted at the California Tactical Academy. Our course structure has been vetted by members of Law Enforcement and retired Military (Both US and Israeli intelligence and Special Forces). As we are regulated by the BSIS, we also require our volunteers to go through the State mandated training and acquire a Security Guard Licence and an Exposed Firearm Permit.

What sets us apart from many of the Jewish security groups that work to improve House of Worship/Faith-Based community security is that we carry state licensing to provide armed security as volunteers, and have insurance and a legal defense team on standby to back that up. As part of our on-boarding, we conduct background checks on our volunteers. They must also pass certain physical readiness tests and a psychological evaluation which is reviewed by a clinical psychologist and debriefed with our management teams – beyond the requirements and evaluations run by the state. We then work with our teams and the leadership from their institutions to create the most organic blend resulting in a more security conscious community. In other words, we not only offer training and guidance but we actually back that with a license and a commitment to our volunteers that includes insurance and legal defense, should an event occur.

As we explain it, there are 3 battles fought in every violent engagement:

  • The battle before – being prepared, having a plan, paying attention. This is a question of awareness and dedication.
  • The battle during – actual confrontation with an attacker/instigator. This comes down to attitude, skills, and plans to overcome appropriately.
  • The battle after – legal proceedings and repercussions. This is where most training academies and organizations leave their constituents to fend for themselves, perhaps unintentionally. We feel that in order to really protect our communities we must consider their long term recovery. This includes legal defense and mental health counseling.

*Magen Am USA, inc is no longer operating as a 501(C)3. Pledges are not qualified to receive tax receipts.