Veterans Program

Our Mission

Our Veteran Team (VT) Program has the dual intention of providing reintegration to civilian life for US and IDF veterans, as well as serving the needs of the Jewish community to have protectors dedicated to the safety of the Jewish people. Here, veterans are sponsored through a month of training and licensing, following which, participants work for us as guards who are hired in the community to protect schools, shuls, private events, and act as our armed response and patrol service in the La Brea area. This benefits the veterans from both a financial and a mental health aspect, as it allows for a healthier reintegration to civilian life. It also benefits the community by providing a significantly higher level of professionalism and security service than a standard, for profit company, without a higher cost.

The Need

Every year, hundreds of IDF Lone Soldiers and US service members return to the United States. They return to a world that is very different from the one they left. They are surrounded by those who cannot relate to their military experiences, and it is at this time that many veterans feel the MOST alone. Our soldiers are the most capable among us, but the structure, guidance, and direction are paramount for our returning warriors. The Magen Am Veterans Program will help our veterans build a strong foundation while allowing them to continue their sworn mission to defend our people. WE take care of our returning soldiers, while THEY continue to take care of us. TOGETHER we will ensure a safe and successful future for the Jewish people

The Need

What We Provide:


What is the start date for the first Lone Soldier Veterans Program? The start date of Magen Am’s very first Lone Soldier Veteran Program will be Sunday, October 18th, 2020
Where is the Lone Soldier Veterans Program located? The program is located in Los Angeles, California
How long is the entire program? The academy will be split up into 3 phases over the course of 12 months.
  • Phase one (4 weeks): Focus on security training specific to the needs of the Jewish community while applying for required armed security license.
  • Phase two (6 weeks): Focus on personal development (coaching, mentoring, networking) and begin to be introduced to and work security jobs. additional range of training days and recreational trips will also occur. Graduation ceremony upon completion.
  • Phase three (9 months): Work security jobs full time and earn a salary.
  • Post Phase three: Soldiers may continue working for Magen Am with opportunities to advance their careers, but will not have expenses (apartment, food, car, etc) covered by the program.

How many soldiers will be in each LSVP class? Class size can vary, but the target size is between 10-14 participants in each class.
Can Jewish US military veterans join the program? Absolutely. We are extremely grateful for the sacrifices made by US military veterans, which allow us to enjoy our freedoms and to practice our religion with pride. They too can benefit from the LSVP program while the community would benefit by having them as protectors.
Is the program only for soldiers, or can civilians who haven’t served in the military also attend? There will be space for 3 civilians in each program class. The application process for civilians will be more rigorous to ensure proper fit.
What is included in the Lone Soldier Veteran Program?
  • Living expenses, including apartment, meals, and vehicle for up to 12 months
  • High-level training including firearms and combative.
  • Classroom courses including CPR, first aid, stop the bleed, conflict management, advanced search and seizure, crowd control, introduction to executive protection, counter-surveillance, and intelligence gathering, and more.
  • Equipment, uniforms, and licensing for security jobs.
  • Personal development including mental health counseling, healthy living classes, business coaching, mentoring, and more.
  • Trips
Where will LSVP attendees stay? Apartments will be provided for 12 months. Attendees can choose to make their own living arrangements if they wish to do so.
Will there be any extended amount of time living outside of Los Angeles apartments? Depending on the specific class and schedule, there will be either a weekend or one full week spent on private campgrounds. This time will be focused heavily on training and class bonding.
What is an example of the day to day schedule? Phase One Range Day 8am: Breakfast 9am: Gym 11am: Firearms training on the Range 1pm: Lunch 2pm: Firearms training on the Range 5pm: Debrief and review of training 6pm: Dinner Rest of the evening: Free Non-Range Day 8am: Breakfast 9am: Gym 11am: First Aid/CPR Course 1pm: Lunch 2pm: Krav Maga/Combatives 4pm: Introduction to Executive Protection Course 6pm: Dinner Rest of the evening: Free Phase Two 8am: Gym 9am: Breakfast 10am: Meeting and business coaching with CEO of “_____” 12pm: Lunch 1pm: Visit and walk through the security job site 6pm: Dinner at a local restaurant with the entire class Phase Three Full-Time Work
What kind of security jobs will attendees be working once they complete the training? Graduates of the LSVP training will be placed and provide security for/at Jewish schools, businesses, residential patrols, synagogues, and events.
What will salaries be once attendees begin working security jobs? Once full-time work begins in phase three, attendees will earn $15-18 per hour (industry average) PLUS food, apartment, and vehicle paid for 12 months. Additional earnings for security worked at after-hours events.
Can an attendee go through the LSVP training (first 2.5 months) and then go work for a security company other than Magen Am? The security license and certifications can be used to work at other security companies in California and are transferable to some additional states. If the attendee paid FULL admission, they can leave the program and work elsewhere at any time. If the attendee was sponsored, the expectation is that they work for Magen Am for a minimum of 6 months, or pay back the scholarship while working elsewhere.
How does the Lone Soldier Veteran Program compare to Gavin De Becker or similar security companies? Magen Am’s LSVP is much more than just a security company. We are here to service former IDF lone soldiers by creating a program that enhances their professional and personal development and creates for them a future path. The entire Academy program will be structured with that in mind. Our soldiers have sacrificed so much for our people, and now it is our turn to show our appreciation. No stone will be left unturned when it comes to assisting our soldiers in creating a the foundation of success for their careers and lives.
Is there the ability to work security as a full-time job/salary? Pursue a career in security? Phase three is when soldiers can begin to work a full-time security job. As the program scales, those who wish to continue working with Magen Am will have the ability to be promoted to roles such as security site managers, branch managers, instructors, etc. Connections in the industry will be leveraged if soldiers wish to move to other companies to advance their careers.
Can a soldier go through the training, and then pursue another career while working security on Shabbat/events/holidays? Job priority will be given to those working full time, but based on demand, attendees can continue to work on a part-time basis after they have completed their full-time role.
Will there be any executive protection jobs? There will be the ability to work EP jobs, but it will depend on client demand. What is the training level compared to other full time armed security/executive protection jobs? The training at the Lone Soldier Security Academy will be second to none in the industry. Our training standard is consistent with the Federal Air Marshal Standards. It is a training course developed by Special Operators and consists of reality-based training with a blend of Israeli and US tactics. It also includes Krav Maga, combative, and many additional security-related courses.
Will soldiers be able to work in other Jewish communities throughout the USA? As it stands, soldiers will be working to protect the Los Angeles Jewish community. As the program scales, there will be additional branches set up in various other Jewish communities. The goal is to bring safety and security to ALL Jewish communities.
How many Lone Soldier Security Academy classes will be held annually? There will be 1-2 classes held in the first year. After year 1, there is a possibility of up to 3 classes per year depending on demand.
Why attend the Lone Soldier Security Academy? Attending the Lone Soldier Academy will provide a “soft landing” for returning IDF lone soldiers while giving them the resources, tools, and skills needed to create a foundation of success for the rest of their lives. All of this will be accomplished while continuing their IDF mission – to serve, protect, and defend the Jewish community. The mentorship, coaching, and brotherhood that the LSVP brings, will create a tight-knit support network of like-minded individuals, that will be of benefit even as soldiers continue their life journey.
Is there a fee to attend the Academy? There is an initial application fee of $100. The value for the entire 1-year program per attendee is $25,000. Thanks to generous donors and sponsors, the fee for soldier attendees is $5,000 for 1 year. The fee for civilian attendees is $8,500 for 1 year. Additional scholarships may be available for those who qualify.
How can I support the Lone Soldier Veterans Program? To show our veterans that they are not alone, and to help protect Jewish life: